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Your donation contributes to the reduction of social inequality in our city!

Georgina entered the project with deep depression after splitting from 20 years of marriage. She and her daughter lived only on her husband's pension.

Her daughter's insistence made Georgina train in the chambermaid course.

The important partnership with Hotel IBIS enabled Georgina to do an internship. The hiring took place soon after.

His first day of work was the 7th of September 2017, the day he achieved his financial independence.


How to contribute to training

professional from another 500 families this year?


BRL 30.00 monthly


Help no transport to a student graduating from um_cc781905-5cde-bb38-38d_professional training course


BRL 50.00 monthly


Didactic Material for the Preparation Course for the Labor Market.


BRL 100.00 monthly


Work Tools Kit for a Entrepreneurship Course graduate student.

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BRL 200.00 monthly


Training material for vocational training de
15 students.

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Other ways to multiply

Accounts for Donation

Itau bank

AG 6157

C/C 54533-3

Bank of Brazil

AG 1251-3

C/C 402617-9


Bradesco Bank
AG 03019-8

C/C. 62432-2

Providence Bank:

CNPJ: 33.645.086/0001-69

Solidarity Gift

Make your birthday a special date for other people. Substitute gifts for donations.

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Friends of the Bank

  Encourage your friends to donate and send this campaign to your contacts.

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Any questions please contact us:

(21) 3257-2769

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Donor benefits

You will contribute to transforming the lives of more than 400 families

Every month you will receive informative emails about the projects

Once a year you will receive the Activity Report of the previous year

You can visit our projects whenever you want.

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