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See the testimonies of the participants of the projects developed by Banco da Providência.



Georgina entered the project with deep depression after splitting from 20 years of marriage. She and her daughter lived only on her husband's pension. Her daughter's insistence made Georgina train in the chambermaid course.

The important partnership with Hotel IBIS enabled Georgina to do an internship. The hiring took place soon after.

His first day of work was the 7th of September 2017, the day he achieved his financial independence.



Luiz Claudio lives in Cidade de Deus, is married, has 6 children, one of whom is involved with drugs. The income came from his wife's work. On his way home he saw the poster for the free refrigeration mechanic course.

He was suspicious, but later realized the importance of classes for his education. Completed the entrepreneurship course. He received the tool kit, invested in publicity and started his business. The relationship with the family improved and today his son works with him.   



Cristiane is the head of a family of 6 children and lived on odd jobs to generate income when she joined the project. She came to rent a salon in the community where she lives, but was not qualified to serve clients._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_You saw an opportunity in the free course de cabeleireiro do Banco da Providência.

He trained in hairdressing, mega hair and entrepreneurship.  Received a tool kit with products de beleza e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf0_ccd-78_with the knowledge of bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the technique and learning to manage your own business, your salon is now the result of your income generation.



Rodrigo Teodoro The street situation arrived due to conflicts in the community and family, due to the abusive use of drugs and involvement with local trafficking.

During the 9-month period he stayed in the Agência Emaús project, Rodrigo took all his documents, returned to school and attended the NA mutual help group

With the dependency under control, in March 2017, Rodrigo started his formal job.

janice e patricia



Janice joined the project without generating income and trained professionally in the Cutting and Sewing Course and in Entrepreneurship. Today, Janice has overcome depression, is generating income through her profession and dreams of building her house on her newly purchased land in Maricá.



Patricia is the head of a family of 4 children, entered the project without generating income and trained in the Cakes and Pies Course and Entrepreneurship. He started selling sweets, snacks, cakes and placing orders. Today she sees herself as an entrepreneur and guides others to pursue their dreams.



Roseli is a mother, head of the family of two 8-year-old twins, and worked as a cleaning lady to generate income. As her father and brother already work in the construction industry, this motivated her to choose the Installer Electrician course in order to generate income and work with her family.

He learned several techniques of the profession that he already puts into practice. Roseli has improved her self-esteem and now thinks she is able to win more customers.



Sandra is 53 years old and lives with her 3 children. He sought out Banco da Providência to train and generate income.

She graduated from the Cakes and Pies Course, Fine Sweets and the Entrepreneurship Course, where she benefited from the Tool Kit to start her own business.

Today, Sandra already generates income through her work as a baker and baker, says she is happy and has had a great improvement in her self-esteem.

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